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    Wifey sunbathing on the deck at 49. She thought I was playing poker on my phone. Turning 50 briefly. Hot comments and hopefully she'll pose for more. This is the Very first Time......

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    What a good place to take public photos. Guys were following us all around, but they were cool to see and keep a bit of distance. Teez got caught being crazy so many times! got wood? lol...

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    Some more of my collection...for the naysayers and critics who claim these are staged...whatever! Please love the views and as I said before...good comments = more of the same quality... petit bain de soleil...

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    Meet Ramona, she always says shes a lil fat but this is where we need to prove her wrong. Fat or not, she loves to get wild n naked :) Night flash...

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    Please comment, we are fresh to this and my wifey gets indeed moist when we talk about showcasing her pictures. Please post email for a private exchange. Doing shots...

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    He lived in Messina, a beautiful city in the east tip of Sicily with his mom. She didn't like the unusual habits of Cola and often she said: "You will convert in a fish before or later"! Playing Aroun...

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    We're still attempting to find balance of sexy vs. bitchy. She wants to be pretty/sexy, I want her to be whorey. The plaything here is us attempting for a middle ground. Cindy Sleeping...

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    Posted fairly a few in the BB. Now we'd like to come in the total site. She loves to pose and loves to be shown off, on here and in public.... There will be many more! rien a dire......

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    Please tell me what you think of my bum. Is it too small>>too big or something else. I would love to know what you indeed think. If you want email me at or leave a comment her for me Thanks Sam tribute pls...

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    She is my friend's girlfriend,call her Mary.This is the frist time posting,but she didn't know.If has a good comment,I will send more. Pls don't post my e-mail. A few of cat...

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    I was out of town working. She sent me these pics to get me home swifter. Do you think it worked??? She wants to hear comments from guys and gals. Did I mention this is her very first contri ever. All aboard!...

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    28 Y/O Mom Of 3...Round Two here we are again.....thanks for all the good comments...as promised heres more pics...and always remember...good comments = more pics! Love sucking on them...

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    Monster Manstick Daddy at the Strand

    I love to wear sweaters and now that summer is officially here I've packed them away for cooler days and nites. I hope you love these pics as much as I love the soft touch of the sweater on my skin. Smooches And Thanks for looking!

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    FROM THE Plage TO THE BOAT...F70

    Would anybody like to suck and fuck this implement of mine?If so please leave a message and maybe we can eagerness the night away together soon...I live in the southern U.S but Im willing to travel to pack my sexual need's and fantasy's..

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    Sexy Mummy shows us her goodies on the sand

    More pics of me in the park, I attempted to pack some requests, many wished more rear end and more kitty, I hope these help. Of all you boy that say you wank off to my pics, how bout sending me a shot of your shot on my pic? 34

    October 2017 20:57:29


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    Wrote romison

    Immer wieder schon!!!

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    Wrote wifelover32

    you have to learn a lot about taking fotos ...!!

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    Wrote john2783

    looks more like a masculine contri to me...lame

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    i would be careful where i put my tongue until after ya got that thing lanced and tested thats growing on her hip in picture #2..if that bursts you could be in for a real thrill!

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    Wrote lick_my_rod

    Again, "cumpump," you don't want to have a "who's likely g@y" contest with me, as the facts clearly demonstrate that you've far more likely to have drank man juice than I. I can point to your misogynistic conduct and psychological studies of the origins thereof. I can point to the times you have posted in the middle of the night--thus clearly flashing you have no woman in your life. And, unlike you, I can point out the fact that I have posted pictures of my wifey to this site . . . and all YOU'VE ever posted are insults. Face it, f@gboy, you have insults . . . I have facts.

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    Voted "Superb"!! Does that help with the persuasion??? More, pease!!!

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    Wrote Carolinee

    HOT HOT HOT! Very sexy pictures!

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    Wrote master4sl

    i missed the stockings in this set, but still had big hard on from set one.

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    doo doo butt !

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    videos black beach bootiesWOW!!! What a GORGEOUS woman!!!! LOVE that AWESOME body!!!!

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    Very classy, sexy, and beautiful woman....oh yes the pics too.

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    Ah you again.

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    Wow what a fantastic bod love to see more

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    That is one sweet little butt. I would love to run my palm across those cheeks to see just how slick they truly are! Mnkyluvr41@gmail.com

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    What make of bicycle is that?

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    Jesus, that's one of the nastiest honeypots I have ever seen. Excuse me, I'm about to throw my lunch.

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    my wifey had a "shark fin" cunt. After menopause it went away. I miss those times. Thanks for sharing and you are a very sexy lady. I'll look for you again.

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    MORE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    when i'd come home and wifes undies wet,usually meant someone was there before me

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    Like to crawl up behind you

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    you are a very delicious and voluptuous woman

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    I like the picture very much. You are so lovely to fuck.

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    can I play with your zipper?? fix it for ya???

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    Thanks this is what most of us are on here for. Some decent voyeurism. Tnks mate.

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    Hi she looks fantastic I would love to see more. Regards Tony email ajr1306@aol.com

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    Good start! Please post again!

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    would like to see ur donk & feet too

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    FAIR - at best - that's what I think

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    nice smile garciajavier11@yahoo.com

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    Come on, your at Desire !!! Do it outside !!! Or sneak a quickie pic fucking by the pool.....

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    Looks like she should be going up and down those stairs more often; maybe like a 1000 times a day?

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